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With EYE360° as a part of our studio we like to explain you more about Virtual tours.

What is it?

A virtual tour is a media presentation that represents a real location in the most realistic form possible. In reality, you wouldn’t be forced to look in one direction. You can look around from anywhere in the world at any time of day. Looking left, right, down or up just like you are actually standing within the image! The pictures are taking with a special 360° camera and converted manually to the final tour.

There are many reasons why you should have a virtual tour. Adding EYE 360° images and virtual tours you will get a boost with advantages over your other competitors that are still using a more traditional style. You will immediately capture the visitors attention and make sure that your message makes a greater impression!

Visitors to a website that features a virtual tour stay generally 5x longer on the website.

People are more likely to visit your website again just to experience the virtual immersive effect and enjoy the views. There is a higher chance that visitors of your website will refer the virtual experience to family and friends. Which is a point in your favor.

Based on research done by some major marketing companies, we are gladly to list the benefits for you.

Benefits for Real Estate:

  • Potential customers can view a property in a much better way then through traditional photography.
  • Real estate listings which feature a Virtual Tour are viewed 40% more then listing with only traditional photographs
  • Property has a virtual open-house 24/7.
  • It’s a good tool to help buyers pre-qualify properties, saving time for everyone.
  • Survey has shown that over 80% of buyers prefer virtual tours when searching for a property, making it interactive so the buyers has control of what they want to view at any angle.

Benefits for Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Holiday homes:

  • People decide quicker to book your hotel/B&B/holiday home when they can form a good impression through a Virtual Tour.
  • It is proven that 73% of the people who research their holiday accommodation online visit two or more websites before making a booking.
  • When your website provides these potential visitors with good visualization, the customer can form a better and faster decision to book.
  • Online viewers are 98% more likely to book the accommodation when a virtual tour or video is viewed.
  • Accommodations that have virtual tours on their website, generate 48% more bookings (research by Best Western).
  • The World Wide Web has become the most important medium to research travel destinations and products, so we need to get you known to the world.
  • Estimated ROI (return of investment) for virtual tours is less then 4 weeks.

Convinced? We are!
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